Fall 2014 Campaign

Great Teachers are Made by the Teacher Next Door: Teacher Lab

Would you like to be a part of a profession that empowers their workforce and honors the expertise that is embedded throughout every school in the USA? If so, consider becoming engaged in Teacher Lab! Teacher Lab learning is complementary, synergistic, and meaningfully embedded. By utilizing and reflectively engaging with the expertise of the 'teacher next door", educators will be a part of continuous professional learning that is grounded, meaningful and effective. This job-embedded professional learning experience impacts the learning of both teachers and students in our schools. Our experiences within and around our Teacher Lab learning days helps us to fine-tune the dialogue and energy around our professional learning experiences, and helps to advance our collective understandings, create a commitment to continuous improvement, and strengthen our individual leadership skills. Each teacher lab group is comprised of 6-8 teachers, including one teacher that serves as a facilitator and one (or more) that hosts the group observations. After focused site-based review of school improvement plans and conversations with teachers within the building, agendas are created for each Teacher Lab, co-constructed by the facilitating teacher and host teacher. Professional readings are assigned and anchor the conversation throughout the lab day. Teachers, ranging in experience levels, each describe this model as "the most beneficial professional learning I have been engaged in!"



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