Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Harnessing Edu-Power! – Creating Teacher Leaders & Creating 21st Century School Spaces

My colleagues and I helped create, develop, and transform our current blended learning school program - Washtenaw Alliance for Virtual Education. In it, teachers have a three-pronged role of instructor, advisor, and chief architects of our program & learning models. In our primary role, we use curricular knowledge & assessment literacy training to collaboratively break down standards into targeted learning benchmarks. Students demonstrate progress towards targets in ANY class (i.e. if they write a biology paper, they could show progress towards both ELA & biology learning targets). As a team, we develop interdisciplinary assessments with blended learning strategies.

In our second role, we advise students with a personalized learning plan towards learning standards and mastering skills for now and the future. Students can pick their direction, pace, & a variety of ways to show their learning year-round. By giving students flexibility over their own learning, we don't have to spend our whole day in the classroom and utilizing blended learning allows us to use a greater variety of instructional techniques.

This model gives us our third role of teacher leaders. Our school leadership team is primarily all teachers. We have flexibility which brings greater communication with students.We now have time and space to collaborate, develop, and create together new models & systems for grading, utilize more edtech tools, and find new ways to develop and deliver education experiences.



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