Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Help students Build Global Competence and the 21st Century Skills by Integration of Hard and Soft Skills for our Teachers

President Obama has called for American schools to prepare our students for the demands of the global economy. “Now more than ever, the American economy needs a workforce that is skilled, adaptable, creative, and equipped for success in the global marketplace.” ( To succeed in the global marketplace, our students have to develop global competence and the 21st century skills. The challenge now is to help the teachers facilitate the kind of teaching that build these skills in the classrooms.


One solution can be: the teachers need to grasp and integrate both hard skills and soft skills in daily lessons. The founder of this team has been using this method in her school and the results are encouraging. As the next step, this team of teachers will help their colleges learn, implement and evaluate this solution in a larger setting.


The hard skills include Common Core Standards, pedagogies of building global competence through disciplinary & interdisciplinary instructions, strategies of integrating the 21st century skills with Common Core and other related educational activities, methods of empowering students through assessment, etc.


The soft skills consist of techniques of empowering students to be responsible for their learning, motivating students to solve real-life problems creatively, and strategies to earn parents and community supports.


The teachers can also integrate the hard and soft skills to design customized improvement plan.



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