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Hybrid Special Education Mentor Teacher with New Special Education Teacher Residency Program

This is a year-long residency experience and hybrid teacher role. Match a new special educator and paraprofessional with an experienced (preferably NBCT) mentor special educator (MSE) and trained paraprofessional (para) in a self-contained classroom. Have the MSE train the new educator; the para trains the new para. For the 1st marking period both teachers are in the classroom with both paras. She observes the new teacher, models new techniques, provides GE co-teaching opportunities, and collaborates with planning instruction. After the 1st marking period the MSE stays for only a 1/2 a day allowing the new teacher to have experience teaching alone but the experienced para is still there. The MSE becomes a coach/trainer visiting teacher/para teams trained the previous year, observing, coaching, and consulting. Additionally the MSE offers training for teachers & parents; organizes/facilitates parent support groups, meets with community partners about CBI opportunities; assists with student evaluations & observations, co-teaches with GE teachers, and participates in her own PD. If the new teacher has concerns, the MSE returns to the room to observe and coach.The next year the new teacher and new para move to another classroom and are part of the group of teacher/para teams that are observed and coached by the MSE while the MSE and para are matched with a new special educator and para. Note: compensation for the para should be higher due to her training responsibilities.



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