Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Innercollegiate Public School Programming

There is a need to fill a void between high school and secondary education. Public education, while effective, does not meet the need nor the aptitude of what many colleges and future businesses look for in high school graduates. While there are many high schools that offer AP or dual enrollment opportunities for students who are currently in high school, the promise and follow-up of those selected students to follow through and be effective at the collegiate level costs both public education and secondary institutions money and resources. With a greater focus on the gap on "public to collegiate" loss, both students and the communities they live in (and consequently their future areas of occupation) students who are part of these high school programs can and should be more involved with the organizations that are most liberal to their needs. Business owners, CEOs, and the like must be willing and able to open their doors not only to the standard minimum wage high school employees that in some cases far exceed the aptitude of their co-workers, but they also must be open to the ideas of shadowing and management of their companies so that the current and future needs and responsibilities of their businesses can be met now and in the future. The relationships built today between able high school students and the local businesses within their respectable communities can and will holistically change the paradigm in which future leaders are sought and hired.



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