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Instructional Round Playground: Identifying Excellence in Educational Practice

Our new teachers meet with instructional coaches for five seminars outside of the school day in their first year. This year, we incorporated what I call "Instructional Round Playground." This is how it works. We show our new teachers a portion of a Teaching Channel video. Then, as if we were taking part in an instructional round together, we focus on identifying examples of excellence in teaching. It's amazing what these first year teachers are able to recognize as good practice in just a few minutes of video. Here's an example. We watched a kindergarten classroom doing the Tootie-Ta. From that, teachers recognized the following: the value of routine in classroom management, the power of formative assessment; the benefits of a print-rich classroom; the notion that movement can enhance learning, and that's just the start!


Think about how athletic coaches use video to enhance team play. As teacher leaders, we can do the same!


(Inspiration by Sarah Brown Wessling)



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