Fall 2014 Campaign

Integrate Personal Growth with Professional Development

TeacherCoach is an online community where educators and educational experts provide training, coaching, and support through online multimedia courses.


The key to TeacherCoach is the integration of personal growth and professional development.


If a student has stress at home, learning may be impacted. If a teacher has stress at home, teaching may be impacted. At TeacherCoach we believe in addressing the needs of the whole person as opposed to their work life alone. If teachers are going to offer their best in the classroom, their health and well-being needs to be at its best.


Traditional PD offers strategies and solutions, but seldom does it stimulate a deeper understanding of why problems exist and how to make sustainable changes. How to address resistance, systemic influences, external processes, and other significant elements of a learning environment, need to be part of any learning for an educator.


Personal Growth/Professional Development (PGPD) is the new era of learning for educators. PGPD is a blending of issues that impact a teacher inside and outside the classroom. Improving one’s health through physical and emotional health is just as important as how to manage a classroom or deal with a difficult parent. At the end of the day, teachers need to feel safe, prepared, and supported.


As a clinical psychologist, author, and consultant, I have found that blending personal and professional help yields the most well rounded reflective practitioners.



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