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Job Share for Strengthened School Community

It has been said that a school’s environment and sense of community can directly have a positive or negative affect on student achievement.


In taking the steps to strengthening a school’s community, teachers and staff need the opportunity to understand all inner-workings of the school. It is so often, that certain positions within the school system are underappreciated or not even recognized as important.


Giving teachers and staff the opportunity to job share or even job shadow one another will create more of an appreciation within the teachers, administration, paraprofessionals, office staff, custodial staff, and more. Individuals will recognize the contributions each person contributes on a daily basis and better understand and appreciate their unique position within the school.


Hopefully, in doing this, unexpected chances to learn from each other will also arise. Completing this activity will promote communication between both related and unrelated departments, build community, and in turn promote better student learning and achievement.



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