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Lab Classroom? Why not yours and mine?

One way to improve your teaching is through observing others teach. Not often do teachers get the opportunity to be in each others classrooms to watch a lesson with a critical eye on the lesson and the students’ reaction to that lesson. An effective way to promote this kind of observation is through lesson study.


As a teacher on special assignment I am able to facilitate short lesson study cycles with interested staff. Logistically you may want to start small, with just two interested teachers, but ideally you open it up to a whole grade level or PLC. Teachers choose a topic of focus, decide on outcomes they want their students to achieve, plan the lesson together, and then pick straws on who will be the teacher to teach the lesson first. While the lesson is taught, the observing teachers are taking notes on how the students are learning the material as presented. Once the lesson is over, the teachers gather to debrief about the lesson, look at student work, and refine the lesson. Next, as second teacher teaches the revised lesson while the others observe a second time. A final debriefing allows everyone to come back together to discuss not only the lesson, but the entire lesson study process.


Teachers find lesson study brings their team together, it provides deeper reflective conversations, improves teacher practice, and most importantly, it serves as collaborative on-site professional development.



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