Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

MA State Equity Plan Recommendations

As current Teach Plus Teaching Policy Fellows, we are passionate about issues of equity for low income students and students of color. Specifically, we are committed to ensuring that all students across the Commonwealth have equitable access to effective teachers.


An opportunity to ignite change is fast approaching. Based on research and our combined experiences, we are formulating recommendations for the MA State Equity plan due to the US Department of Education in June. Our recommendations center around the many different aspects of recruitment and retention of highly effective teachers in high needs schools including hiring methods, analyzing current evaluation systems and their potential as indicators of effectiveness, establishing and supporting effective school leadership, creating and maintaining healthy and productive school climates, providing meaningful incentives and professional development for effective teachers and teacher leadership, increasing school resources, and strengthening teacher preparation programs to focus on effectiveness. As teacher leaders and major stakeholders in the issue of equity and through participation in the Teacher Leadership Summit, we propose the continued development of our recommendations to be included in the MA Equity Plan.



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