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Micro-credentials for Teacher Leadershipo

Teacher leaders play a critical role in fostering a culture of collaborative learning in schools, increasing teacher effectiveness and retention, and most importantly, advancing student progress. These educators are at the core of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), catalyzing collaboration, modeling effective practice, and leading colleagues in deepening their knowledge.


Teaching Matters seeks to recognize the important work of teacher leaders by offering the opportunity to earn micro-credentials representing their competencies. Micro-credentialing is a global effort to identify and acknowledge competencies individuals develop and demonstrate throughout their careers. We’ve crafted our program carefully, basing our micro-credentials on the Teacher Leader Model Standards ( and creating a clear set of assessments participants take to demonstrate their knowledge and skills associated with leading teams.


Teaching Matters is currently piloting this offering in New York City, where 200 teacher leaders have the opportunity to earn micro-credentials for their work as instructional leaders. If you would like to learn more, visit our website at, or feel free to contact us: Also, we welcome your feedback and questions on this forum!



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