Fall 2014 Campaign

National Board Certification & Race to the Top

Race to the top money is given to schools trying to "catch up" technologically across the nation.

If schools choose this, they get the money and must abide by the stipulations that come with it.

I'd like to see a federally funded project in which teachers seeking national board certification, can partner with a mentoring program, facilitated by national board certified teachers, to assist them in the process.

This program should target the "most desperate" school and systems in the nation. (Those systems seeking qualified, exemplary teachers) program would be implemented in schools based upon free reduced lunch numbers, overall performance of schools in common core tested areas, diversity rates, non-English speaking student numbers, dropout rates, graduation rates, etc.

The mentoring component can be done via webinars to accommodate teachers and the concentration of teachers lacking National board certification.

A federal agency could work in cooperation with state governments and National Board committee to create the standards of the courses.



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