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National Board Distinguished Preparation Pathway

P12 National Board Certified classroom teacher leaders will drive collaboration and partnerships with higher education faculty to design and implement a voluntary National Board Distinguished Preparation Pathway option for aspiring teachers. Participants will intentionally be introduced and made aware of National Board Certification upon, or before, entry into their teacher preparation program. The Pathway will include activities and experiences that put candidates on a clear trajectory to earn national certification as early as year four of successful teaching. Deliberately offering NB content and resources into the pre-service phase via a systemic introduction to National Certification will increase leadership awareness, content specific instructional effectiveness, and more equally distribute accomplished beginning teachers in schools across the country. NBD Pathway participants will access a virtual community of volunteer NBCT mentors who serve as “critical friends” upon entry to the preservice program. Activities and experiences will mirror a BADGE type of system and phases of demonstrated proficiencies collected in an LMS portfolio to reflect stages of awareness, knowledge, application, certification, leadership and service in partnership with the university, school district employer, teacher candidate and the NBCT mentors. There will be an increase in demand for NB Distinguished Pathway teachers who may be rewarded with initial licensure reciprocity.



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