Fall 2014 Campaign

National Board as a framework for a Professional Learning Community in urban schools

I developed and have already begun to implement this model of Professional Practice in my school where myself and the other National Board Certified Teachers who work in my school combine forces as a cohort to help other teachers in our school achieve National Board Certification. In this pyramid-style model, teachers on our staff who have already achieved NB certification, provide support to a cohort of teachers who are seeking certification. We work together as a cohort to help everyone achieve success. On our staff, we currently enjoy 13 teachers and one administrator who hold NB certification. We are working with a new cohort of 7 teachers this year, with a goal to provide this opportunity to any and all teachers interested each year, and to continue to develop a new culture of professional learning at our school and within our large, urban district. It would be great to be able to replicate this model in other schools as a method of Professional Development and a means for establishing professional learning communities in schools.



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