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OKMath/OKSci Leadership

OKMath/OKSci Leadership selects, challenges, develops and educates Oklahoma math and science educators who have demonstrated an interest in leadership skills related to mathematics and science education. In April 2014, the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) featured OKMath/OKSci Leadership as one of only three state-led innovative STEM programs ( Several members of the Beta Class are now working to implement initiatives in their schools and in the state that will improve math and science education for students in Oklahoma. Class 1 is now underway and seven Beta Class graduates now serve as mentors.


With so many efforts aimed at developing teachers as coaches, curriculum designers, and administrators, the OKMath/OKSci Leadership effort strives to empower the classroom teacher where they are. We provide the teacher with the time, space, and support to collaborate on the solutions they identify and are passionate about. The outcomes of the program are tangible after only a year in Oklahoma and it is our hope that all teachers might be supported in the same way to envision and participate in an education system that gives credit to the voice of the teacher, the innovation of teacher's solutions, and the vision of teachers as leaders.


A scaled project would build off of the success of the project in Oklahoma and bring this powerful experience to all types of teachers across the country.



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