Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Own it! Teachers taking the lead with the evaluation system

In response to Colorado’s new teacher evaluation system, a system plagued by ambiguity and fear, CEA funded our grant request to recruit NBCT and other master elementary, middle and high school teachers in Cherry Creek Schools, representing Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, Science, World Languages and ELL, to participate in a professional development activity centered on best practices and the new system. District content coordinators, assistant principals,high level district and state officials, collaborated with teachers by analyzing standards 1- 3. Content groups identified professional practices that could be considered proficient in each area. The intent of the Google documents produced is to give teachers and evaluators a guide and springboard to conduct productive conversations on improving professional practice. These are "living" documents that will be continuously revised. They are a resource providing examples of what best practice could look like in each element of standards 1-3.



Participating teachers’ commentary influenced changes to the evaluation rubric by CDE.
















We are developing a survey to track the effectiveness of the documents.



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