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PAAVEMGMT 1.0 SmartSchools

PAAVEMGMT 1.0 SmartSchools® has taken a very unique approach to plant two trees with one seed... (redeveloped, rehabbed or rehabilitated of abandoned properties or eyesores) in any neighborhood - which can be utilized as “Hybrid Homes” or a “SmartSchools” concepts - in remedying a "Sub/culture in Crisis," especially among young boys and young men of color.


These are deep-rooted in that; we have extensive research into what works well with an ordinary student or the abandoned - less desirable student populace, outside the realm of those antiquated - classroom-types. We are a hands-on group of creative, intellectual thinkers and business people - with a multilateral experience bracket for teaching the unteachable.


As Director of Developed at PAAVEMGMT 1.0, designing a High Impact - programmatic appeal for students with academic/artistic/social functioning levels ranging from K to twelfth grade, regardless of physical learning capabilities, thus providing nurturing, safe, academic and regulated environments.


Students can learn how to make accommodations for their own specific learning deficiencies or disabilities if applicable. Independent and cooperative work models are used to help students comprehend and master academic subject matter. Students develop knowledge and self-esteem building essentials for successful transition into today’s and future world societies.



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