Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Principals Return to the Classroom to Support Teacher Leaders

Principals work closely with teacher leaders to develop a long-term schedule in which the principal teaches so the teacher leader can have release time to work teacher-to-teacher to build social and professional capital.


Admin who teach would be reminded about the complex work of teaching and gain a deeper sense of what both students and teachers need in order to be successful - especially in the new era of Common Core.


The partnering teacher leader would utilize their release time to lead or engage in meaningful professional learning experiences such as instructional rounds, conducting demonstration lessons in colleagues' rooms, peer coaching, etc.


This type of model embraces the Design Thinking approach to creating better alternatives (empathize, define the problem, ideate, prototype, test). We cannot begin to solve the challenges facing our teachers and school leaders until we can truly empathize with them.


Teaching is incredibly complex work. Those in the work of teaching realize that teaching is a profession that depends on the teacher's ability to evaluate the situation and make a decision (what I refer to as 'teachership').



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