Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Professional Educator Program: Expanded Roles for Teachers in a Professional Learning System

Our goal is for New Haven’s teachers to have more great days. We will develop teachers’ professional engagement by developing a professional practice ensuring that professional learning echoes student learning, with purposeful, supportive, and meaningful opportunities for the professionals involved. We believe that professional learning, at its heart, must share the same attributes as student learning – it must be purposeful, supportive, and meaningful. The goal of the NHPS Professional Educator Program (PEP) is to build a comprehensive human capital management system across the district rooted in collaboration, empowerment, and collective responsibility for outcomes.

One initiative we are focusing on in particular within PEP is providing career differentiation and job-embedded professional development through expanded roles for teachers. These expanded roles include: Teacher Facilitators, Super Tutors, Curriculum Facilitators and other expanded roles. The expanded roles within PEP deepen a culture of collaboration, empowerment and responsibility for outcomes amongst teachers as well as school communities. The expanded roles for teachers are designed to build on the current strengths of New Haven’s talent and professional development systems and take the first steps to transform the district into a professional learning system.



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