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Professional Learning On Demand

Professional Learning needs to be teacher driven and focused on student achievement. It needs to be accessible 24/7 and have methods for authentic collaboration and sharing of effective instructional practice. On a small scale I've done this with a website containing a wealth of videos called Classrooms in Focus & Coach's Cuts. These videos expose teachers to effective practice with our own students using our own materials and our own curriculum. We focus on big-picture, high-impact strategies and have videos for primary and secondary. The videos are coupled with the tools, texts, templates and lesson plans of the teachers in the videos so that any teacher can turnkey the lesson and practices they watched in the video. The site also has a blog offering support for mentors, tips for new teachers and a blog looking deeply at a specific teacher practice- added to and expanded on monthly by teacher, instructional coaches, and specialists. My idea is to expand on this, take it beyond the division level to the state and federal level. To help professionalize the profession of teaching- we create a bank of what excellent teaching looks and sounds like. We expose teachers to others' practice authentically and let them share their teacher moves, reasoning and decisions with each other.


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