Summer 2014 Campaign

Professional Learning among CTE Teachers

While core subject teachers in my district participate in PLCs each day, the Career & Technical Education teachers do not have any sort of PLC since each teaches something different. All teachers benefit from collaborative interaction, so I am starting a collaborative learning group among the CTE teachers I work with at my high school. Because our planning times do no coincide, I am using Google classroom to share professional readings with my colleagues, opening up discussion threads, and encouraging them to post articles and reading suggestions as well. One of the benefits to this type of learning is its emphasis on the adult learner – self-directed learning for the sake of personal growth rather than learning that is mandated by administration.


In facilitating an online PLC for CTE teachers, I hope to encourage deeper understanding of the importance of literacy in these classes. While the Common Core Standards focus on ELA and Math, many CTE teachers do not realize that both subjects play an integral role in their courses, courses that focus on work-based, life skills and provide an authentic link to integrate informational texts, vocabulary acquisition, critical thinking skills and real-world math application. With this goal in mind, the discussion threads I facilitate will provide opportunities for CTE teachers to share their responses to these articles, ask questions, and share literacy and math integration ideas they use in their classes.



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