Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Public, Charter and Catholic School Teachers Collaborate in Dorchester

One Dorchester is a school-based effort between teachers in three schools – Boston Collegiate Charter School, Cristo Rey Boston High School, and the Jeremiah Burke High School – who learn from each other in the quest to improve student outcomes. The project's mission is to create sustainable communities of practice among teachers across the three partner schools, where the professional learning is teacher-driven and teacher-led, with a focus is on preparing students for college and careers. Four cross-school teacher teams - an ELA, Math, History and Science team - have been supported by a grant from the Lynch Foundation for the last three years. The grant is about to end, and all of the teachers want to continue their learning with colleagues from the other two schools, and to bring that learning back to their colleagues and students in their own schools. We would use the time together at the Teach to Lead Summit to map out a plan for continuing the cross school learning post-grant. We are interested in expanding the number of teachers involved and institutionalizing the work - taking into account the culture and organizational structure of each school.



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