Fall 2014 Campaign

Redefine Professional Development

I would like to start up a 'Teacher Academy' for Professional Development (PD) within my school district. I believe that we can all agree that PD has not been well received uniformly across all schools. While some schools/districts do things well, we can all do PD better.

Teacher Academy Bullet Points

*Leverage local universities or an on-line university to offer graduate credit for PD.

*Tracks for specific strands (CCSS, ELL, administrative track, content focus, etc.).

*Create opportunities for those in non-traditional teaching assignments.

*Curriculum developed for and by teachers.

*Oversight of the Teacher Academy to be done by a diverse committee of union and administration representatives.

*PD initiated, developed, and delivered by teachers.

*PD supported, maintained, and grown by participation in ongoing Professional Learning Communities which are teacher selected, governed, and facilitated.

*Teachers are provided with time during the school day to meet regularly within their PLCs.

I submitted a detailed proposal to both the head of Professional Development and the union local president in September of 2013. While greeted with initial positive feedback, there is nothing in the works to proceed. Any advice on how to navigate the political minefield towards effective change is welcomed. By the way, I would describe my district as progressive in relation to adopting best practice (i.e. Peer Assistance and Review, mentoring program, Frameworks for Teaching).



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