Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Regional Teacher Leadership Academies

All teachers must be leaders.Teachers must inspire others and influence outcomes in their classrooms and as a result of the new teacher evaluation system,this is also required within ones school, district, and community. My idea is to to create Regional Teacher Leadership Academies using the Leadership Competencies developed for the Teacher Leadership Initiative. The NEA, CTQ, and the National Board, with the help of teachers who are still in the classroom, developed these competencies. Overarching leadership competencies as well as competencies for instructional leadership, policy leadership, and association leadership have been identified. Curriculum must now be developed and facilitators selected to manage these academies. The Academies will improve student learning by focusing on instructional leadership. Providing teachers opportunities to learn about education policy will engage more teachers to have a voice in decisions regarding the future of education. Understanding the historical role of teachers associations and learning about the national vision for associations will inspire teachers to support and participate in local association activities. The Academies will also increase awareness for all educators regarding leadership opportunities for teachers who want to remain in the classroom. Lastly, Academies will elevate the profession by providing professional development at a level commensurate with other professions that share an elevated status in society.



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