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Restructure Schools with Inclusive, Strategic Process

To move schools forward, schools have to analyze roles, routines, and structure. To promote this process, school communities need to first decide on a targeted mission/vision. Next, they need to make the time to analyze current roles, routines, and structures with regard to that mission/vision--what's working and what is not working? After that they need to create an action plan to restructure their school to better meet the needs of all students. Too often this kind of analysis does not occur and schools stay mired by ineffective roles, routines, and structure.


How can we make processes like these occur in schools? This kind of process requires the skilled and dedicated efforts of outside consultants who lead an inclusive, year-long process with dedicated time for a beginning-to-end process. To be effective, the voices of all within the learning community including families, students, educators, assistants, building staff, leaders, and citizens need to be involved. Too many in school communities are not skilled in strategic process and analysis, and that's why it's essential to have outside consultation.


I illustrated the idea with greater detail in this post: http://teachwellnow.blogspot.com/2015/04/restructure-schools-with-inclusive.html

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