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Rethinking Clip Charts: Through the Eyes of a Student

It is no surprise that the topic of classroom clip charts has proven to be controversial for students, parents and educators alike. While clip charts offer a visually appealing tracking system for behavior in the classroom, what do they really tell us?


I make it my mission to focus on the positive in the classroom so upon implementing a behavior chart I was not one to use the bottom half. Instead of clipping down in front of peers, I implemented one-on-one conferencing with students, setting goals or completing a “fix-it” sheet together so they would take ownership of their behavior and have something to work towards.


My ultimate goal: to create a healthy balance that works for my behavior management style while at the same time meshing with management styles in years to come for my students. My solution is a chart with goals and expected behaviors. The importance lies in creating clear expectations within an environment of mutual respect in the classroom. Integrating expected behaviors onto the positive side, having students clip to them when they are showing the expected behaviors is another alternative.


That is the beautiful thing about education, it is ever changing and evolving and there is always room for growth and improvement. We must remember to think beyond ourselves as educators. We must consider the emotional and social well-being of who is at the heart of education - our students - and what is truly in their best interest. To read more see attachment.

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