Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

STEM Connections: Community Colleges, Universities, Businesses and Teachers

The Next Generation Science Standards involve the implementation of Science and Engineering Practices, Crosscutting Concepts and Disciplinary Core Ideas. These standards pedagogy that emphasize learning in context. In order to connect teachers to real world application, networking with scientists and engineers is the central focus.

I will develop a collaborative network among the community colleges, universities and teachers in Western New York. Teachers will gain an understanding of current research, workforce development and cutting edge content. Events will be scheduled where excellent communicators of Engineering and Science practices will be invited to present to teachers. Research experiences for teachers will take place during the summer. Teachers will work in professional learning communities to collaborate and connect current STEM research to enhance student learning.

During the professional learning community (PLC) meetings, teachers will have the opportunity to brainstorm ideas, develop learning modules, practice instruction and learn about professional development strategies. They will review lessons by looking at student work and presenting action research. After a peer reviewed learning module is finalized, they will have the option to develop a video lesson or present in person to other teachers in their district, region or state.



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