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STEM: Strategies That Engage Minds - Every teacher STEM / Career Ready

To be career ready in our ever-changing global economy requires adaptability and a commitment to lifelong learning, along with mastery of key knowledge, skills and dispositions that vary from one career to another, and change over time as a person progresses along a developmental continuum. - Career Readiness Partner Council, 2013 Quality career readiness experiences allow students to apply academic and technical learning to real-world problems to ensure seamless transitions from high school to college and beyond. With a strong career-readiness and employability focus, we will design and deploy teacher professional development focusing on connections teachers can make between core content, career exploraiton and work-based experiential learning. We will engage staff in contextual experiences that apply core knowledge to contemporary societal issues and prepare students with the foundational academic knowledge and skills required to pursue a full range of college and career options to: - Close academic achievement gap - Require use of and access to experiential/applied learning, - Have all students attain college and career readiness, - Rethink how we prepare students to become globally competent. Outcome: Improve students’ STEM workforce readiness through development and delivery of quality teacher professional development and a STEM/Career Readiness Certificate. “Too often, career readiness is an afterthought” – Education Secretary Arne Duncan, 2011



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