Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Science & Engineering Educators Co-operative (SEE Co-op):Working collaboratively to design & analyze purposeful education data

Solid instructional design is grounded in identifying clear learning targets and creating an assessment plan to insure that the instructional goals have been achieved. Unfortunately few tools exist to allow teachers to collaboratively create common learning objectives and valid and reliable assessment tools aligned to those specific learning objectives. A new paradigm of education assessment development and deployment is needed. I propose that Teacher Leaders establish a collaborative professional organization structured around a co-operative model. First, teachers using current education standards create a common set of learning targets for each content area of secondary science classes. Second, teachers working with education researchers create valid and reliable assessments tools for each learning target which allow multiple opportunities for students to demonstrate their mastery as well as receive immediate feedback after the assessment administration on specific misconceptions or wrong steps they took when trying to answer their missed items. Third, a robust system for administering and monitoring student growth throughout the learning process will be created. This complete system of clear learning objectives, robust assessment tools, and administration/monitoring of learning will empower teachers to better meet the individual needs their students and spend more time designing instructional activities that provide the improvement of learning for all students.



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