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Student Leadership Team

Teaching students to be leaders can help sustain a school-wide social emotional learning environment, (SEL) as well as a school site positive behavior intervention support program (PBIS). Developing Student Teacher Leadership Teams to aide in the implementation of the programs can help the student body take ownership of the concepts and processes. Research to support the importance of SEL and PBIS for children can be found at the Collaboration for Academic and Emotional Learning (CASEL) web site (www.casel,org) and the PBIS web site ( ,


Elementary schools can begin with establishing upper-grade teams, formed by a member of each third thru fifth (sixth) grade class. They would be trained to aide in the implementation of the core ideas of the SEL and PBIS programs adopted by the school. The focus of their training would include how to lead activities that are designed to build school-wide community, home to school bridge building activities, and cross-age school site buddy activities.



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