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Student-to-Student Learning Through Online Platform

On any given day, teaching 8th grade mathematics can be about teaching the pythagorean theorem to teaching how to multiply fractions. My students are at different levels in their learning and it is challenging to reach each and everyone of my them to meet to their needs. I have found that students using online video or math program platforms sometimes become frustrated when the video lessons are a too complex or for their learning styles. Another teachers also had the same problem in her classroom and we started a students to student small group teaching using a video platform. During class, a group of two student connected with a student in her class and for 10 minutes discussed how to write and use a two step equations.


The specific problem addressed by this idea is the lack of coaching available in a school building. Allowing teachers to coach each other through a video online platform which is fully embedded into the classroom by having small group student to student teaching. Teachers across schools teaching new concepts through a video online platform will allow them to further differentiate within their classroom. Teachers will be able to collaborate with high performing and underperforming teachers from different school in a school district. This process will allow two teacher to serve as each other's coaches.



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