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Summer Mathematics Advancement for Motivated Students

This is "hybrid" course for Algebra 2 Honors and Precalculus Honors students combines face-to-face instructional meetings with student prior knowledge and self-study skills to deliver a full year honors curriculum in five weeks. provides all the skills necessary to support the successful completion of Honors Precalculus and/or AP Calculus.

The face-to-face instructional periods take place three days a week for 5 weeks. MOODLE is used to track progress and to assist students virtually. Through interactive posts students communicate with each other and the instructor to share thoughts, questions, and concerns. Students are further encouraged to also explore the internet for more information on the topics presented.

Each session begins by accessing the session page for a list of objectives. These are the skills that students are expected to learn through self study. Each session contains links to material that best helps students learn and understand each skill. Prompts are used to ask questions or to initiate collaborative discussions and compare notes about topics.

Each page of the session ends with the session homework assignment. There will be no physical textbook. Online assignments are provided.

A final exam is administered on the last day of class and is used to assess subsequent student placement.



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