Fall 2014 Campaign

Task Analysis and Strategic Questining

Materials published and disseminated by Network Team Institute (NTI) regarding teacher training and data-driven best practices, EngageNY and teacher effectiveness aligned with the goals of the Common Core, and Uncommon Schools and increasing rigor toward data-driven instruction each provide models, framework, materials, and in some cases, training and professional development for teachers in their respective geographic areas.


The fact that their materials are made available digitally is an asset to teachers not located in surrounding geographic areas. However, such access is insufficient for a single teacher at a given school to accomplish the following goals, in isolation, of becoming an informed and reflective practitioner as it relates to; (1) learning to interpret data, (2) designing instruction in response to student data, (3) analyzing tasks in coordination with the spirit of rigor within the Common Core standards, (4) posing, and/or reframing strategic oral and written questions in order to create and foster a classroom culture of higher order thinking.


As the only ELA (middle-level) teacher at my site, I want to be a part of forming and maintaining a professional learning community that seeks to walk through the processes described above, implement within my practice and classroom the knowledge and skills gained, and reflect on that practice with other practitioners who are doing the same within a digital platform.


Let's learn and create together!



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