Fall 2014 Campaign

Teach Like Me

Schools across the country are adversely affected by teacher shortages . In response, I have created the Teach Like Me Campaign.


The Teach Like Me Campaign's main goal is to improve teacher recruitment and retention by redefining public perceptions of the teaching profession. We will accomplish this with three main components:


First, we encourage teachers to speak more positively about our profession. We ask teachers to share why they love to teach on social media and include the hashtag "#TeachLikeMe". This generates buzz and can be observed as a trend on social media. We currently have over 1300 likes on Facebook and over 150 Twitter Followers.


Second, we are producing (and want to continue producing) short videos that showcase teaching at its finest. We want to give the world a quick glimpse of why teaching is the best job in the world. These videos can easily be shared on social media via YouTube.


Finally, we want to create partnerships with businesses to secure more teacher discounts for teachers. Finding a way to increase teacher salaries is difficult, but businesses can easily help teachers keep more money in their pockets by extending discounts to them, similar to discounts enjoyed by active duty military personnel. Economic growth is directly linked to successful schools and businesses can contribute to their own success by doing this.


With Teach Like Me, teachers can proudly declare that teaching is the best job in the world because WE say it is!



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