Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Teacher Council

Schools often have student councils to provide input from the student perspective. District and school administration often set up temporary task forces and committees of teachers to solicit and provide teacher input on decision making. My idea is to develop a model for a permanent and empowered teacher advisory council. The council could be at the school level, but if the model works it could be extended to the district or even the state level. These teachers would be selected by a transparent and democratic process by their peers, similar to the way students are elected by peers to a student council. They would coordinate their efforts like a PLC with the main goal and intent of including teacher voice and perspective in an actionable way in the decision making process.


It can be a challenge for administrators to get the perspective and feedback they need. Often it is too challenging for them to consolidate the range of perspective into a workable and actionable form.This leadership opportunity provides a way for teacher leaders a way to connect with their colleagues and to work on crafting the feedback to express the range of perspective in a way that is consolidated and vetted enough to be heard and acted upon by administration. A working relationship between an advisory council and administration could serve to help administration find solutions that incorporate teacher perspective in more authentic and meaningful ways.



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