Fall 2014 Campaign

Teacher Leader "Boot Camp"

"Teacher leadership" is a popular notion these days; everyone seems to agree that it is vital to school success - so much so, in fact, that some states even offer it as an "add on" endorsement to a license! For the most part, though, teachers interested in becoming teacher leaders either have to be identified by traditional school leaders (like the principal) or enroll in a formal teacher education program.


But wouldn't it be great if teachers interested in initiating positive changes in their schools/districts could get together for an intensive one-week "boot camp" designed to learn how to be successful in their efforts?


My idea is to invite teachers who are interested in being change agents to a week-long seminar with session "take-aways" focusing on: developing (and maintaining) a vision, negotiation skills, risk-taking exercises, how to build consensus, networking with other like-minded individuals, learning from others' successes, and more.


As Mahatma Ghandi once said, "You must be the change you want to see in the world," and no one is more aware of what needs to change in schools than are teachers - those dedicated individuals working with students day in and day out. In sum, this Teacher Leadership "Boot Camp" would provide teachers with the tools they need to make amazing things happen.



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