Fall 2014 Campaign

Teacher Leader TACTICS Framework

Current discussions on transforming teacher education include creating leadership opportunities for teachers to lead innovation (CTQ Teacher Ed 3.0) and grow their roles and responsibilities without leaving the classroom (Project RESPECT).


The TACTICS Teacher Leader framework represents a seven step process to prompt Teacher Leaders to use experience and professional judgment when translating research informed best practice to improve the quality of ‘common’ learning outcomes within and beyond the local context of their classroom.


This translation process involves Targeting relevant outcomes, Analyzing best practice, Clarifying environmental considerations, Translating best practice, Interpreting resulting outcomes, Commenting on transformations, and Selecting next steps. Users of the TACTICS Teacher Leader framework are expected to draw on their experience and exercise their professional judgment while translating ‘concepts’ of best practices to improve the quality of ‘common’ learning outcomes within the ‘contexts’ of their classrooms.


The benefits of sharing Teacher Leaders' efforts in resolving tensions between external influences (e.g. ‘common’ standards, ‘defined’ best practice) and competing internal professional dispositions, include the potential for a virtual PLN for sharing 'contextualized best practices' to enhance the effectiveness of Novice and Resident teachers working to improve the quality of ‘expected’ learning within the ‘contexts’ of their classrooms.



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