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Teacher Leaders Inspire Others by Being a Support

In a time of educational flux, it seems as if there is no better time for opportunity than the present for educators to become teacher leaders. One does not need to do work at the district level in order to become a teacher leader. Teacher leaders are individuals open to change and are proactive in sharing their knowledge, leading collaboration meetings, grade level discussions, community involvement, and/or any additional school programs or clubs. Teacher leaders may seek out and attend professional development opportunities not mandated by the site or district, but just out of the sheer quest to learn and share with others. Furthermore, teacher leaders are open to sharing their successes as well as sharing what they learned from their failures. Together, teachers can support each other by recognizing each other’s value, celebrating and learning from each other’s triumphs and misses. Support is the essence of a teacher leader. I truly believe that support is like a rock in a pond, it ripples out to others.



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