Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Teacher Leaders are needed for Transformational Change to occur in the United States Public Education System

Public Education is under attack. Outside of education organizations are increasingly blaming teachers for underperforming schools. These organizations seek solutions outside of our current public education system creating the illusion that transformational change cannot occur within the system. There is too much at stake to allow this perception to continue. Teacher Leaders are not only helpful but critical in creating change within the public education system that will make the most difference for the students and families we serve.

What is more important than having your voice heard? We need to create a school system where the teacher voice is as valid as the voice of administration. A place where collaboration and the valuing of individual expertise is valued among ALL staff, teachers and administrators, because it is essential for the success of the educational community.

Change is difficult and necessary. We must make changes within the system to meet the needs of our students in the 21st century. Status quo is not an option. Teachers must be empowered to be change agents. They are critical for leading other teachers in the difficult process of change.

I propose policy changes which support distributed leadership in public education. Policies need to be implemented supporting a culture shift toward empowering teachers to lead change in their schools.



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