Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Teacher Leaders as Health Ambassadors

Teacher Leadership, an endeavor to develop a new generation of middle leaders within the teaching profession is gaining significant recognition in my school. Teacher Leaders and teachers are working hard to provide every student a safe, academically challenging, and inspiring learning experience. Teacher’s well-being is often forgotten amidst setting the high expectations for student achievement. My idea is to promote teacher’s health by training teacher leaders in stress management strategies. Because teacher stress can become a barrier to learning for students, it is relevant to consider programs that reduce stress among teachers. Teacher leaders will also involve parents to participate in stress management programs through biweekly or monthly workshops. Gradually we will develop parent volunteers to become Health Ambassadors and then include student volunteers. This will create a wave of health consciousness in the community and increase in the student achievement. Every child need tools to create a healthy, happy and successful life. A teacher wellness program will promote healthier, happier teachers who in turn promote healthier, happier, and more productive classroom experiences for students. Healthy body, happy heart, power brain, YES WE CAN !



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