Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Teacher-Leadership Consultant Teams made of Innovative Teacher Cohorts

Innovative Teacher Consultant Teams? What? Why?


Everywhere across the nation there are schools staffed by innovative and effective teachers. However, besides social media and professional conferences, these teachers’ practices and ideas stay within the walls of their schools.


In combination with this issue, school districts employ consultants who try to implement one thing or another. The issue here is that the consultants are either former teachers who aren't in the classroom anymore, or are people who have never been in the classroom. They are removed from innovation and the current issues of the professional practice of teaching.


To fix this issue, teacher-innovation teams should be formed and take the place of these consultants. This would entail having groups of current teachers (who are implementing best practices in new, innovative, and effective ways) travel to other schools and take the place of the ineffective consultants that schools currently use.


These teachers would help other schools implement great best-practices in innovative ways in a school-wide manner. Due to their current practicing knowledge of students, current issues in education, and practice, these teachers would be much more knowledgeable and effective for those schools needing their services than traditional consultants.



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