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Teacher Leadership Days

As teachers we are allowed sick days, personal days, professional development days and bereavement days. I would like to see school districts add Teacher Leadership Days that would be available to teachers. During their Teacher Leadership Day they could choose to visit other school districts, observe teachers in their own district ,go to meetings with legislators, sit in on meetings at the state level, union meetings, etc.

I'm currently in a hybrid role as a teacher and staffing a P-20 Teacher Leader Effectiveness Committee at the state level. A majority of the meetings are held during the school day. I see a great value in inviting teachers into these meetings to allow the teacher's voice to be heard and valued before making important decisions. Because the majority of our meetings are held during the day, teachers aren't able to attend. There are many teachers interested in being a part of the work but their districts don't allow them the time off to do so. If given Teacher Leadership Days teachers could choose to attend these meetings or develop their interests in other areas of teacher leadership.



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