Boston Teacher Leadership Summit

Teacher Leadership Summit

Many teachers want to step into teacher leadership roles. However, teachers often lack specific training in leadership skills related to areas such as facilitation, having difficult conversations, advocacy, how to move a goal from idea to reality, and how to work with adult learners, to name a few. Our goal is to organize a yearly summit which would allow potential teacher leaders across the State of Maine to get training directly related to leadership skills, so that they can move initiatives forward in their building and district that support teaching and learning. In addition, this summit would build networking opportunities across a rural state and between different leadership networks: National Board, State Teachers of the Year, Presidential Award winners, etc. The summit would take place over two days in the summer, at a central location in the state, possibly Colby College or the University of Maine at Orono. Networking opportunities would be built into the summit and throughout the year including regional cohorts and social media opportunities. During the summit, we plan to use a combination of experts from the state as well as presenters who can give us a national perspective. The training sessions offered will be based on the Teacher Leader Model Standards, with a focus on one or two of the domains each year.



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