Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Teacher Led Foreign Language Professional Development

There has been little to no professional development for foreign language teachers in my district so teachers have to seek out learning opportunities outside the district which can be costly and very difficult for teachers with families. To help solve this problem I got together with four other foreign language teachers to plan out and offer professional development for our district. We already have planned one professional learning option per month with us as the teachers leading the professional development. One of my roles for this group is to put together a proposal to our district to help fund a professional development opportunity, to be trained on the national foreign language proficiency levels as outlined by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language. I would like to attend the summit to gain assistance in writing this proposal as a concern of the district is that there is a return on investment. I want to ensure that my proposal addresses this and is accurate and concise to guarantee it will be accepted. When the proposal is accepted and funded, myself and the other teachers in our group want to be trained in the foreign language proficiency levels so that we can then train other teachers in the district. This would allow for a strong return on investment for the district, allow us to continue to grow as teacher leaders and provide relevant, authentic professional development within our district.



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