Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Teacher Powered Schools

Current school structures are rooted in the industrial era and prepare students for a time that no longer exists. Teacher-powered schools provide an opportunity for teachers to engage in the types of interactions and model the skills that our students will need to be successful and contributing citizens.Teachers in these schools think critically about how to meet the needs all students, work collaboratively to solve challenging school wide problems, and take responsibility for student learning and the success of their colleagues. Rethinking decision making processes and leadership structures within schools and then enacting associated changes can result in the transformation of teaching, learning, and schools. A teacher-powered school is defined as a school where teachers make authentic decisions that impact whole-school success. When teachers have opportunities to make authentic decisions that impact whole-school success there is is ownership, not only of "my kids", but of "our" kids; not only "my class", but "our" school." The spread of this concept is integral to the development of teaching as a true profession. There are currently about 70 of these schools across the country and a need and demand for even more.



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