Denver Teacher Leadership Summit

Teachers Shadow Students for a Day!

Purpose: To fully experience a school day in the shoes of a student. In doing this, the Shadower will come away with insights about intended and unintended effects of school practices & policies on students, to be shared with colleagues in a constructive way.


Process: Educators “shadow” individual students in their school or district for a full day. They go to every class of each student, including lunch, stand near each student in the hall between classes, and in general perceive the school experience through the eyes and ears of a particular student.


Educators then write a report about that experience and receive professional development credit.


So far the results have been extremely positive. Teachers have come away from that experience with a significant number of ideas about how they can be better educators. The experience has proven invaluable and has led to teacher after teacher signing up to shadow. As a curriculum coordinator, I substitute for the teachers who are shadowing so there's no financial impact on the school district.



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