Winter Campaign

Teachers advise architects

Consult teachers in the process of building & remodeling schools. We, especially elementary school teachers, are experts about traffic flow for carpool, buses, student movement within the building, placement of restrooms, student flow in cafeteria, locker placement, stairwell safety, parent access to the building, dry erase board placement on walls in classrooms, parking needs, access to outdoors / playground areas, storage needs, safety needs inside building including types of classroom doors & types of locks on those doors for "lock down" scenarios. We are also experts on how to evacuate students from the building & could provide pertinent perspectives. Special education teachers also need to be included in planning a building as they work with students who need wheelchair ramps. The placement of those ramps not only needs to be up to code, but needs to function for the specific needs of schools & students which are very different from the general population. My school was just rebuilt from the ground up & teacher input was not seriously harvested nor considered. The opportunity for a supremely functional & aesthetically pleasing environment was missed. Teachers know what they need as educators from a structure. Oftentimes we are overlooked as professionals w/ specific needs. Doctors are asked about the specific tools they need and given those tools. Teacher requirements are based on behavior management & safety concerns. Please solicit & incorporate our ideas.



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