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Teachers as Instructional Leaders: A video library of the best practices in your school for embedded staff develo

Our District has a high teacher turnover rate; our school does not. We have learned that by building up our own staff as leaders within the school and district, we can stop our most effective and brilliant teachers from leaving. One of the ways in which we have done this is by creating a video library of our own teachers in action. When we are given a new district initiative, observe a best practice that we see a teacher doing well, or witness a high functioning grade level PLC or data discussion, we video tape it. Then, we edit the video so that we have a quick 5-10 minute staff development video which we show the entire staff. This allows our own building to develop “expert” teacher leaders in these areas. This also allows us to showcase our own staff within our school and district.


Isn’t this what “Teaching Channel” already does? Not exactly. With this model of continual staff development, teachers get to see their peers shine in what they do best. Our experts are in-house and can help develop fellow staff members. And, these videos are a permanent collection for ongoing school and district staff development.


In an era of shrinking professional development budgets, and with research showing that embedded staff development is the most effective way to grow teachers, video taping our own has allowed not only our leaders to see themselves as instructional leaders, but has also enhanced the next generation of teachers to learn from people they know and trust.



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