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Tech Buddies: Creating Technology Learning Time for Students and Teachers.

In order for students to meet the demands of college and career readiness, they must be computer literate. Many schools have addressed some technology training for teachers but professional development for teachers is always a challenge to school schedules. Tech buddies is a simple answer to creating opportunities for teacher leaders to share with teachers and student leaders to share with other students. Much like the “reading buddies” idea, Tech buddies are usually a grade above the students they will be mentoring. Teacher leaders who are interested in technology at each grade level are trained in technology that they will share with another grade teacher during class time. While students are working on a computer skill or project with their student mentors, teachers can explore deeper understanding of technology with the trained leader. The teacher being mentored in technology becomes a trained leader and can then offer curriculum ideas that enhance student learning. Mentoring becomes collaboration for teachers and students.



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