Winter Campaign

The Breathing Pause

So many educators know the stressors that come our way daily, starting from the moment we open our eyes in the morning. The myriad of decisions a teacher makes in her day when responding to students' needs, can really take its toll - if we are not mindful.

As the week goes on, we become stretched even thinner and our reserves diminish. Then it happens- we snap at that student who said the right thing- but at the wrong time. We are immediately sorry for reacting as we did, but it can't be taken back now. What to do?

I propose The Breathing Pause.

Take that 5 to 10 second pause to breath before saying anything. Notice when you are most susceptible to an outburst, and practice inserting The Breathing Pause.

I have been sharing this practice with colleagues and we want to expand it to meet weekly for a 10 minute lunch-time meditation to build self-awareness and thus sustaining the energy needed to make the thousands of decisions we make on a weekly basis.



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